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I don't know any of the bands at Coalescaremonium, will I have fun?
Is there a dresscode? Do I have to wear something special to CSM?
I'm a musician/DJ/photographer/... Can my band play at the next CSM?
I like to take pictures, can I bring my (semi-)professional camera to CSM?
I'm a Gothic event/party organiser, Can I bring posters and flyers to CSM?
I'm Vegan/vegetarian. What kinds of food will there be at Coalescaremonium?
What are the age limits of Coalescaremonium? Are children allowed?
Are there any low-cost travel options to Brussels and Coalescaremonium?
Can you recommend a good budget hotel near Coalescaremonium?
The crowd seems so diverse, what will I do if I don't know anybody there?
Do I need to buy tickets or can I also pay entrance at the doors?
What payment systems are available at Coalescaremonium?

Yes. You are in a unique position to discover some of the most interesting acts you'll ever see. Each performance is selected by the Coalescaremonium team for always delivering to their fans and the appeal they have to people seeing them for the very first time. You are in for a treat!

At Coalescaremonium our visitors are free to express themselves anyway they want, but we ask that they wear dark/gothic/scene clothes as a minimum to support the free and accepting atmosphere we try to build. However, if you feel inspired by the theme to do something special, by all means: go wild.

Probably not. We have a rather fixed idea of the acts we want to host as part of future themes and get more than a hundred applications a year on top of that. Still, send us your demo and we will definitely listen to it!

Certainly, but know that pictures taken at Coalescaremonium cannot be sold for monetary gain. At all times ask our visitors for their permission before photographing them and make sure that you don't bother other people in front of the stage. Also, please avoid using flash when possible.

Of course you can! We dedicate a large table for all scene related flyers at the top of the stairway right in the center of our venue. Event posters up to B2 size (50x70cm) can be fixed against the veranda walls on the terrace.

Next to normal hamburgers, our food court provides vegetable burgers and gluten free vegan pasta. We prepare vegetarian burgers separately and make sure that utensils are not swapped. You can select your own toppings and may direct all questions about ingredients to the person serving you.

There are no age limits as we consider Coalescaremonium open to all. However some acts or performances might not be appropriate for children and it's your responsibility to look into that as well as is their behaviour on the day itself.

With the upturn of coach companies, traveling to Brussels has become easier and more affordable than ever, with direct low cost bus rides now available from almost any major European city. Many stop at North Station however, so you will have to find your way to the South-East side of Brussels.

Coalescaremonium being situated in the "European area" of Brussels, means that many nearby hotel rooms are actually cheaper during weekends than workdays. The offerings around Schuman and Ambiorix are usually most affordable and are walking distance to the venue.

With tradgoths, cybergoths, metalheads, (steam)punks, victorian fantasies, dungeonistas and new wavers all attending, Coalescaremonium indeed makes for an interesting mix, but with the many different rooms, ambiances, places to sit and talk you'd be surprised at how easy it is to meet people there!

We keep an extra stock of tickets separately available for the day itself, but in the end entrants are limited to the capacity of the venue. Full means full, so if you want to be certain, it is best to order your tickets beforehand. Follow this website and our facebook page to keep up to date on availability.

For the first time at Coalescaremonium we will be accepting card payments at the entrance desk. You will be able to use this for paying your way in, buying consumption/drink cards and paying for shopping items. This will be an experimental venture, so be sure to bring a certain amount of cash as well.




a Grandioso Gothic Happening in a revamped monastery. With live bands, DJs, Dance, Art and Fashion Performances.

Saturday 02 April 2016 | Bouche à Oreille, Place Van Meyel 16, Etterbeek Brussels Belgium | START: 15h00, END: 03h00.
Horta Museum Dennis Kussener Tama Lindemans Somnia Romantica Althreya Opus Relinque