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COALESCAREMONIUM: meaning ‘Coalescent Ceremony’, is a grandioso Gothic happening that combines unseen international acts with local talent from the various sub-genres of Gothic culture into
a grand day of celebration; with high attention to detail and
focus on music, performance, dance, art and fashion.

Each year, Coalescaremonium exhibits different acts, stands and expositions under a central theme. For its 4th edition this theme is "Art Nouveau Noise"; inspired by an art movement Brussels is most famous for.

Art Nouveau, initially seen as a noisy countermovement to the mass production form the Belle Epoque period, is akin to the Goth scene in its sense of individualism and love for unique and intricate design. Bundled with a dark touch you will see these influences returning through music, artwork and decoration all throughout the day, presented to you by underground artists Nocturne, Discipulus, La Dutchessa and TElombre.

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a Grandioso Gothic Happening in a revamped monastery. With live bands, DJs, Dance, Art and Fashion Performances.

Saturday 02 April 2016 | Bouche à Oreille, Place Van Meyel 16, Etterbeek Brussels Belgium | START: 15h00, END: 03h00.
Horta Museum Dennis Kussener Tama Lindemans Somnia Romantica Althreya Opus Relinque